Personal Guidance

At Yes We Can Youth Clinics we understand that leaving your child into our care can only be done once you are fully convinced your son or daughter will be in the best and safest hands possible. Particularly when various treatment options may have been offered to you already and you are unsure what to do and who to trust.

That’s why, upon the moment you contact us, you will be assigned a personal and dedicated Case Manager. He or she will answer all of your questions and will be your point of contact throughout your journey, a process that will be quite emotional and difficult at times.

If you need extra guidance, for example should you be facing difficulties within the family system like divorce or incapacitated partners, do let us know. Our specialised family counsellors might be able to help you getting out of deadlock. Of course we also help when your son or daughter is not so motivated or even unwilling… and trust us, you are not the only family in that position.

Engaging young people into treatment is one of our unique and absolute strengths. We do not believe in forced treatment or stone cold interventions. We believe that with a warm, loving and unconditional approach, yet with the right confrontation at the right time, you can even reach out to the most unwilling and unmotivated youngster. In the end, we all want to lead happy and prosperous lives!