Ketamine Addiction

Ketamine is used as a drug. It is also known as Special K (or Vitamin K or by its abbreviation ket). Ketamine is usually snorted, but some users will also take it orally or inject it. For medical purposes, ketamine is used in a liquid form; to snort the drug, ketamine is boiled down until a crystalline powder is produced. A low dose will give the user a dream-like feeling, while a higher dose may lead to K-Hole, creating a state of reduced consciousness and motor problems. Low doses of ketamine are used as a party drug, leading to an increased mental receptivity to music as a result of a dreamy state and weaker physical stimuli.


Higher doses produce psychedelic effects and will force the user to lie down because motor functions, equilibrium and sense of touch are greatly disturbed as a result of the sedative qualities of this substance. For that reason, this drug belongs to the group of dissociative psychedelics, because users no longer feel connected to their bodies. K-Hole is described as a transcendental dream world where God or other entities are seen, according to users of the drug. The description of a K-Hole strongly resembles a near-death experience. This can be a very intense and frightening experience for inexperienced users. The effects of ketamine are brief, with injection producing the shortest and oral intake producing the longest effect, up to a maximum of several hours. Ketamine is one of the few psychedelic drugs that can cause addiction.

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