LSD Addiction

LSD produces intense ‘drug trips’. During those trips, users stay conscious and physically capable. LSD will cause strong visual hallucinations in most users, as well as profound thoughts, an altered sense of time and a state of synaesthesia (e.g. hearing colours or seeing sounds). Users will also relive memories that were previously lost or experience new interpretations of previous life experiences. They also may experience a strong sense of oneness with the universe, with nature or with all living creatures surrounding them.

After a very strong dose, there will be a temporary loss of a sense of self; dissociative experiences may occur as well. An LSD trip usually lasts 6 to 10 hours. LSD produces an intense experience that most users would rather not try on a daily basis. After an intense LSD trip, a user may feel slightly odd for several days, caused by processing the LSD-induced experiences.

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