Yes We Can Youth Clinics brings in top chef and Kitchen12foodtherapy

25 Mar 2022 - news

Yes We Can Youth Clinics and top chef Justin van Doorn from Kitchen12foodtherapy have joined forces. In their quest for an even healthier treatment programme, fully focused on recovery, YWCYC has decided to collaborate with a chef who has worked all over the world in numerous Michelin star establishments. Van Doorn is going to raise the meals and nutrition programme of the Yes We Can Healthcare Group to an even higher level and his Food Therapy will be an integral part of the treatment plan.  

The Food Therapy of Kitchen12foodtherapy is to be integrated into the treatment plan at Yes We Can Youth Clinics, where nutrition and lifestyle will take on an even more prominent role in this treatment programme. “I want to create more awareness about nutrition and the rituals of meals. Young people are often under the impression that healthy food is expensive or that a nutritious meal is difficult to prepare. I want to show them that they can eat an extremely healthy meal without it costing a single Euro more,” according to Justin van Doorn.

Jan Willem Poot, founder of Yes We Can Youth Clinics, is delighted to welcome Van Doorn. “A good recovery starts with healthy and nutritious food, among other things. The meals at our clinic have always been of high quality, but there is always room for improvement. We are striving to reach Champions League level, and in Justin, we have managed to secure a ‘top striker’. I am thrilled with him.”

Yes We Can Youth Clinics treats young people with mental health issues, addictions and behavioural problems. The thousands of fellows (clients) and hundreds of colleagues in both the national and international clinic are going to benefit from the arrival of Van Doorn en Kitchen12foodtherapy. “People may see this as a remarkable career switch," states the 41-year-old Van Doorn. “But I see this as a perfect match between Yes We Can Youth Clinics and myself. I am in fact an expert by experience myself, and I have been in recovery for a number of years. I know exactly what the fellows are going through and I really want to help them on their road to recovery.”