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An overview of Yes We Can Youth Clinics in the international media

Yes We Can Youth Clinics appears in international media on a regular basis. Below you can find a selection of the articles and TV items.

Television / Videos

BBC World News Yes We Can Youth Clinics at BBC World News – Business Live 2018
Yes We Can Youth Clinics Our treatment method 2017
Yes We Can Youth Clinic The begining of Yes We Can Youth Clinics 2017


Children & Young People Magazine Youth mental health, Netherlands 2018
EasyJet Traveller "Money has never been my driver" 2017
Times Magazine Inside the kids-only rehab clinic 2017
Daily Mail Sext addicts 2017


CGTN Europe How to spot gaming addiction in children 2019
Fortune A new era in fighting tech addiction 2019
COURRiER Japon ネット中毒患者を立ち直らせる「オランダの高級治療施設」 2019
The Daily Mail Teenage gaming addicts are having to travel to the Netherlands for rehabilitation 2019
The Guardian How a Dutch clinic helps UK teenagers addicted to gaming 2019
El Observador El centro de rehabilitación que trata la adicción a los videojuegos como si fuera al la cocaína 2018
Variety Dutch Mental Health Facility Treats Gaming Addiction in Teens 2018
EO “Waarom mijn kind, wat heb ik fout gedaan?” (Dutch) 2018
BBC THREE Inside the kids-only rehab that treats video games like cocaine  2018
New Business Entrepreneur insights – Jan Willem Poot, Founder of Yes We Can Youth Clinics 2018
Parent Zone How to talk to your child about gambling 2018
Female first Top 10 tips for surviving the festive season with an eating disorder 2017
Letting the light in How Jan Willem Poot gives it all away 2017
Future Magazine 5 tips for good mental health 2017
Psychreg Does your child have a problem with alcohol? The warning signs parents should look out for 2017
Psychreg Interview With Jan Willem Poot, Founder of Yes We Can Youth Clinics 2017
Wellbeing Magazine Yes We Can Youth Clinics 2017