Cannabis Addiction

Cannabis is the collective term for marijuana and hash. Marijuana (or weed) and hashish (hash) are hallucinogenic substances that may also have a mildly sedative effect. They are both products from the same plant. Marijuana consists of flower heads (or rather seed capsules) of Cannabis sativa. Hashish is the resin of the Cannabis sativa plant and its form may vary from almost liquid and oily to extremely hard. A cannabis addiction (weed or hash addiction) will have a sedative and hallucinogenic effect. Weed is a frequently underestimated drug. It can cause a lot of damage, both mentally and physically.

Side Effects

Side effects include anxiety, dizziness, restlessness, memory loss, heart palpitations and longer periods of use may lead to depression or paranoia. Using teens and young adults can easily develop a daily habit. After a while, they realise this habit starts to interfere with their studies or work. But because their cannabis addiction has developed progressively, they get stuck in this daily habit. Meanwhile, they keep postponing their life in the real world.

Pot Addiction

Pot Addiction is the popular phrase for cannabis addiction.

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