4+ weeks Aftercare

After completing the 10-week residential programme in the Clinic, our fellows have to face the most critical phase of the treatment process. They have rebuilt self-confidence, are motivated again, feel more energetic and are ready to make new plans. At the same time, they are insecure because they may have changed, but their social environment has stayed the same. For that reason, it is essential they receive a great level of support during this period.

Aftercare will start right after the 10 week programme. Fellows will spend a minimum of 4 weeks extra on our estate, gradually getting used to the “normal” world again. One major part of the recovery process is to find purpose again. What are you going to do with your life and more important, how are you going to do that? In addition to a great number of group sessions, 1-on-1 sessions and a sports programme, they slowly start picking up normal things in life. After spending 10 weeks in total isolation from the outside world in our intensive treatment programme, going back can be very confronting, causing old behaviour and convenient habits to recur. Not being in a safe environment with the right professionals can lead to relapse and trigger severe consequences. We can help our fellows to deal with this 24 hours a day, teaching them how to handle various situations, working closely with them and their environment, moving step by step towards a full return home. In close cooperation with the family and fellow, a clear and attainable tailor-made programme can be created for fellows to follow at home, if needed supervised by a Recovery Coach.

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