Inclusion criteria

Since we use group dynamics as a central principle in our programme, suitability for group work and group interactions is required. During the intake interview the following points will examine whether treatment at Yes We Can Youth Clinics is suitable:

1. Severity of the problem;
A clinical admission is necessary because there is a seriously stunted development that cannot be resolved in the own environment via an outpatient trajectory. The own environment has insufficient capacity, is insufficiently safe and/or does not offer an optimal recovery climate.

2. Willingness;
The teenager/young adult needs to have some willingness to participate in the programme and some willingness to adhere to the basic agreements at Yes We Can Youth Clinics. He/she should begin to realise that the current situation can no longer be sustained in this form. Also willingness to participate in the family programme by parents/carers applies.

3. Group suitability;
The teenager/young adult must have some degree of emotion regulation and self-reflection and should have sufficient command of the English language. In the closed (semi-open) clinical setting, the young person does not pose an acute and serious danger to himself or the environment and does not have a completely distorted view of reality and the here and now.

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