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Youth Clinic Hilvarenbeek

Nestled within the serene embrace of Hilvarenbeek, Yes We Can Youth Clinics is housed in a picturesque medieval castle. This setting combines historical grandeur with the healing tranquillity of nature. This magnificent location, once a Philips conference centre, is now a beacon of hope and rehabilitation for young individuals. The clinic's grounds are adorned with expansive sports facilities crafted to encourage physical activity and mental well-being. The clinic boasts specially designed altitude courses, a well-equipped fitness room, and a dojo for martial arts training.

Our fellows find rejuvenation and challenge through mountain biking in the surrounding woods, testing their resilience on our obstacle courses and archery range, and finding moments of peace by a tranquil fishing pond. Situated in Oirschot, the head office of Yes We Can Youth Clinics stands as a testament to our commitment to transforming lives. We invite you to explore an aerial view of our clinic through the video below, offering a glimpse into the unique environment where healing and personal growth are fostered.

Yes We Can Youth Clinics

Yes We Can Youth Clinics is one of the most effective and influential youth clinics in Europe. Every year, we treat more than 800 young people in our national and international clinics, from 13 to 25 years, with mental health issues, addictions and behavioural problems. Many of the fellows we treat are stranded in other care sector places. If all else fails, we are the turning point in the lives of many youngsters and their parents and carers. We have a distinctive approach:

Atmosphere: at Yes We Can Youth Clinics, unconditional warmth, safety, and confrontation at the right time are pivotal. Many young people at our clinic face the same problems, such as depression, trauma, and substance abuse. Problems that many of our colleagues have overcome themselves. This creates a lot of recognition between fellows and employees. The group dynamics create the will and the strength for the fellows to really change.

Team: Yes We Can Youth Clinics works with multidisciplinary teams. Psychiatrists and registered clinical psychologists collaborate with expert-by-experience counsellors, youth coaches, and our medical staff. In total, more than 500 professionals work for and with the fellows.

Programme: we have an intensive 24/7 programme of 10 weeks that teenagers and adolescents participate in together with other fellows. They learn to recognise together that they have problems, ask for help, and tackle them. There is also an intensive programme for parents and carers.

The treatment of Yes We Can Youth Clinics is successful for many of the fellows we treat. 74% of our fellows no longer need specialist care 'after Yes We Can'.

Watch the video below to get a look inside Yes We Can Youth Clinics:

The team

The Yes We Can Youth Clinics team consists of several BIG-registered physicians such as psychiatrists, addiction physicians, psychotherapists and GZ psychologists. Furthermore, the treatment team consists of psychologists, family therapists, experienced counsellors, orthopedagogues, system therapists, nurses and youth coaches to guide the treatment process. A dedicated case manager and therapist are the contact persons for the parents of the fellow

Staying at Yes We Can Youth Clincs

The teenagers and adolescents stay in a well-maintained youth clinic and a good, healthy, mostly organic meal is served three times a day. Every day, the fellows partake in group sessions, psycho-education, working in their workbook, mini-groups and several times a week one-on-one sessions. Sports and outdoor activities are a fixed part of the programme such as: running therapy, mountain biking, fitness and strength training and cooperation assignments.

Watch the video about our treatment below:


Yes We Can Youth Clinics is situated in a glorious 13th century castle, set within 17 acres of stunning nature. The castle holds 10 luxurious double bedrooms, all equipped with en-suite facilities (bath/shower), private lockers and super comfortable beds. The view from each room is just amazing. Roommates are hand-picked by our therapeutic specialists. In general, new arrivals share rooms with example fellows who reside in their final weeks of treatment. They help new fellows to settle in and find their way. A warm welcome and instant connectivity immediately eliminates feelings of fear, frustration, anger, resentment and all other emotions that may erupt upon arrival. Obviously, boys and girls dorms are separated and 24/7 supervised. It simply is impossible to sneak into a neighbouring room. Yes We Can is very much aware of gender identity issues that may come into play and will always make sure each individual feels safe and respected. Last but not least, sharing a room also means sharing stories. Roommates really look after each other, a crucial element in any kind of recovery. During the full 10 weeks, Yes We Can is your safe harbour.

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