We are Yes We Can

A team of over 500 healthcare professionals

More than 500 motivated professionals work at Yes We Can Youth Clinics, helping youngsters and their families get their life back on track. We do this with the following teams: therapists, counsellors, coaches, psychiatrists, case managers, facility and household services, reception, secretarial services, HR, communication, care administration, financial administration, policy, nursing and contract and relationship management.

Of course, all Yes We Can Youth Clinics employees work by the Dutch legal guidelines of the national mental healthcare institution, such as a certificate of good conduct, required registrations, etc.


Over 80 men and women work at Yes We Can as registered clinical or educational psychologists or social workers under the collective term ‘therapists’. They can spend abundant time with the fellows in the clinic because every therapist treats no more than four fellows. Therapists hold one-on-one sessions with the fellows and are responsible for the individual treatment plan. Together with an expert-by-experience counsellor, they attend the group sessions as well. Therapists at the head office in Oirschot are part of the intake procedure, are responsible for the programme for family coaching and counselling, and act as treatment coordinators.

Case Managers and Counsellors: experts by experience

We are incredibly proud that we have been working with a team of experts by experience since the start. More than 30 experts by experience work at Yes We Can Youth Clinics. They have had to deal with mental health issues, addictions and/or behavioural problems themselves in the past, and they, therefore, know better than anyone what is going on with the young people that are treated at the clinic. Because they recognise the problems our fellows face and have experienced these problems themselves, our experts, by experience, manage to create a natural bond of trust. This bond is essential to motivate and inspire young people and their parents and confront them with their behaviour when necessary.

Our experts by experience play a crucial role from the very first contact with Yes We Can Youth Clinics. At the head office in Oirschot, our case managers are the first point of contact. Our case managers offer a listening ear and give tips and advice. In addition, they are the first people to see the fellows and their parents when they come to Oirschot for an intake interview. During the treatment in the, clinic the experts by experience guide the group sessions.

Youth Coaches

More than 60 coaches are available day and night for our fellows. They wake the youngsters in the morning and guide them when they go to bed in the evening. They are, as it were, the brothers and sisters of the youngsters during the treatment. They offer support, warmth and love. They take care of the safety within the group and are also the ones to have a lot of fun with. The coaches provide psychoeducation, share their life story and supervise the day's closing. Sports are essential to the treatment programme at Yes We Can Youth Clinics. All fellows spend no less than three hours per day doing sports. Our coaches supervise these activities. They are a crucial part of the programme, and, unsurprisingly, our coaches are full members of the multidisciplinary team at Yes We Can.


Yes We Can Youth Clinics employs 11 psychiatrists who are medically responsible for the treatment. They use their expertise to positively change the lives of the young people in the clinic. Their role is also essential during the intake. Together with our therapists and case managers, they obtain a complete image of the youngster's background and current situation. As members of the multidisciplinary team, they stand side by side with their colleagues to realise the best possible care for our fellows and their families.

Medical staff

Yes We Can Youth Clinics has a fantastic team of no less than ten nurses who look after the health of our fellows. They help with healthy nutrition and are the point of contact for fellows who don't feel well. Because sports and outdoor activities are part of the treatment, they apply first aid if necessary. At Yes We Can Youth Clinics, the medical staff is part of the multidisciplinary team and has personal contact with the fellows. They seamlessly integrate medical processes with the work of the treatment team and the youngsters' activities. The medical service is present within the clinic seven days a week, 24 hours a day.

Kitchen crew

Nutrition plays a pivotal role during the treatment of our fellows. Limiting the sugar intake as much as possible during the ten weeks the fellows are with us is only one example. But there is much more to healthy nutrition. For instance, we use fresh, organic products as much as possible. We are proud that we can provide balanced dishes that contain an optimal mix of different nutrients and taste great at the same time. A special task force, including kitchen staff, the medical service, and a renowned nutritionist, put together these menus. Our kitchen team is an essential part of the organisation, and many fellows cherish warm memories of the kitchen crew. They will never forget the extra effort the crew puts in on special occasions like Christmas or the birthday of a fellow in the clinic.

Technical service

At Yes We Can Youth Clinics, we find it extremely important that young people feel safe, welcome and appreciated. We pay great attention to our buildings, premises and grounds. And that pays off! The grass is always freshly mowed. The trees, plants, shrubs and hedges look neat. The walls are always freshly painted, and if something breaks, the super friendly and skilled men from the technical department are ready to repair them immediately. Often with the help of one or more of our fellows, who enjoy spending an afternoon with these men.

When we open new venues, this team does almost anything regarding renovation. Therefore, we don't have to hire many external contractors. 


We believe the 23 young people who stay at Yes We Can Youth Clinics for ten weeks deserve the best care, food, and, of course, accommodation.

We are very proud of our very own fantastic household service. Twenty super professional, sweet and enthusiastic colleagues who give the best they have every day to tidy up the clinic. From doing the laundry to vacuuming the rooms, these heroes ensure everything is fresh and clean daily. Our fellows genuinely love them because they are always there for uplifting words or good advice.

Headquarters: intake team and staff

The head office in Oirschot is where the intake interviews take place. Psychiatrists, expert-by-experience case managers and therapists form the intake team that our fellows and their parents meet when they come to Yes We Can Youth Clinics for the first time.

Besides everyone who has direct contact with our fellows and parents, we can't do without the incredible team that works a little more behind the scenes. Various staff departments work at the head office such as the care administration, reception, financial administration and communication. Dozens of people are working diligently to positively change the lives of thousands of young people and their families.

Executive board

Yes We Can was founded in 2011 by Jan Willem Poot. After having to deal with mental healthcare in the Netherlands at a young age, Jan Willem grew a great desire to give back what he received during his recovery. He decided to establish an organisation that focuses entirely on helping young people with mental health issues, addictions and behavioural problems and the families of these teenagers and young adults. 

Marcel Pierre has been an advisor with Yes We Can since its foundation. At the end of 2015, he became a board of directors member and CFO of Yes We Can Youth Clinics.

Johan Linssen started as Chief Operations Officer (COO) at Yes We Can Youth Clinics in 2021 but has been closely involved with our company for several years. In the years before, he worked as a director at various organisations in and outside healthcare and as a board member at Berenschot.

Piet Jansen is the managing director of Yes We Can Youth Clinics. He has been working for our organisation since 2015. With a background in international affairs and having lived in various countries for many years, he has built reputable businesses in Europe's travel, education, and consulting industries. His role is to ensure all global admissions are handled with the best care and families experience the services of Yes We Can as exceptional or beyond.