Cannabis addiction

Cannabis addiction

Cannabis is the collective name for marijuana (weed) and hashish. These are substances that affect consciousness and have a numbing and sedative effect.

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Weed (marijuana) and hash (cannabis) are substances that influence consciousness and have a narcotic effect. Cannabis use is most common among young adults, but teens also experiment with it. This can have serious consequences.

When is someone addicted to marijuana?

You are addicted to smoking marijuana and cannabis when you are physically and / or mentally dependent on it, when your life revolves around it, and when you are unable to stop or cut down. You are obsessed with knowing when you can smoke again, and this obsession overrides and obscures important things. This has profound consequences.

Many young people smoke a joint once or a few times, without immediately getting the urge to do it more often. This makes cannabis an underestimated drug. Unconsciously, smoking cannabis can lead to problematic use or addiction. Factors such as not feeling comfortable in your skin, being restless and experiencing setbacks can be a trigger to start or continue smoking. Due to its anaesthetic effect, young users are able to escape reality for a brief time.

Causes of cannabis addiction

A cannabis addiction can have several causes. For example, the young person may have experienced a negative event in the past (such as sexual abuse or abuse) or negative social events (such as bullying or being neglected). Both can result in trauma. Such a cause is often the underlying problem and the use of drugs such as cannabis is in many cases a way to escape reality. It is also common for young people to take 'self-medication' by smoking cannabis. This often occurs when he or she suffers from conditions like ADHD or ADD. Smoking weed gives a lot of peace of mind, which young people with ADHD cannot get to in other ways. Sometimes, however, it can also be the case that a young person is "simply addicted", without any identifiable cause.

Effects of cannabis

Cannabis has a profound effect on both the mind and the body. It can make young people feel relaxed, happy and cheerful. They are able to laugh at the most ordinary things. Their senses are also heightened, and they feel less. Some studies show that cannabis use stimulates imagination and creativity. At the same time, young users can become suspicious and they often have difficulty concentrating. The latter can be dangerous in traffic situations. 

But what we also often see is that young people become suspicious after using Cannabis. And that they often have trouble focussing on (school) work and concentrating. The latter can be dangerous in traffic situations. It has also been shown that there is a relationship between smoking cannabis and mental ehalth issues such as depression and schizophrenia. There are even cases where young people have ended up in an acute psychosis after (excessive) use of cannabis.

The following physical effects can occur: a dry mouth, red eyes, palpitations, dizziness, cravings (so-called 'binge eating'). With long-term and regular use, binge eating becomes less common because the brain has become used to the effect of THC ( Tetrahydrocannabinol), the substance that is responsible for the enormous appetite.    

The effects of smoking cannabis are felt after just two minutes and last for two to four hours.


‘My parents told me: either you go to a clinic or you leave the house immediately’

Ricardo was treated at Yes We Can Clinics for his cannabis addiction.

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