Intake Interview

Residential treatment at the Yes We Can Youth Clinics will start with our counsellor. They have a clear understanding of the problems and feelings teenagers and young adults may experience. During the intake interview, the counsellor, the psychologist and the psychiatrist will attempt to get a complete picture of the background and current situation, including information about the immediate social surroundings.

Yes We Can Youth Clinics appreciates the presence of at least one parent/caretaker during the intake interview, enabling us to get a better view of the issues at hand.

At the intake interview, you need to bring along the following documents (without them, the intake interview cannot take place):

  • Valid ID card/passport for the participant
  • Previous medical/psychological reports and other reports
  • List of medication from the pharmacy
  • Medical ID card or health insurance policy

In the last hour of the intake phase, the prospective fellow will have an interview with one of the counsellors. The counsellor continuously acts as the contact person for both the parents and our fellows.


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