Our Mission & Vision


It is our mission to become the turning point in the lives of many teenagers, adolescents and young adults across the globe, helping those suffering from mental health issues, addictions and behavioural problems to overcome deadlock situations. Like the phoenix we empower youngsters and their families to rise from the ashes. Or as one of our fellows puts it: “after about 20 different therapies and psychologists, I thought I was beyond repair….I’m 19 now and I enjoy life to the fullest.” As a Centre of Excellence, Yes We Can Youth Clinics aspires to be regarded as the leading expert and most reliable treatment centre for 13 to 25 year olds in the world.


The ever increasing pace of change in modern society calls for specialists catering for the needs of youngsters not getting the help they deserve. In their darkest moment of despair and when all else failed, young people with just a simmer of motivation are to be given an equal and fair chance by offering a safe, warm and compassionate environment in which to recover. Thorough intakes, intensive treatment, proper aftercare and supervised guidance of parents/caretakers are considered integral parts of the entire Yes We Can concept. Punishment is not a way forward. Building self-reliance and self-awareness is. Changing destructive patterns into permanent constructive behaviour can unleash a many talent, for each human being is gifted with at least one. Whatever we do, the young person’s best interest will always be kept at heart. Yes We Can!

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