Amazing survey results Yes We Can Youth Clinics

15 Mar 2022 - news

Every day, everyone at Yes We Can Youth Clinics (YWCYC) gets up early to help clients (fellows) and their families to the best of their abilities. But however motivated and passionate, the world still wants to know if what we do really works. For that reason, we yearly commission an independent research agency to analyse our effectiveness and levels of satisfaction amongst our fellows.

The results were astonishingly positive, but the two most important we’d like to share with you here. One is that 77% of our fellows no longer need specialist care after completing 10 weeks of intensive treatment at YWCYC and the other is that fellows rate the quality of their lives a 7.2 versus 2.5 before Yes We Can.
Factsheet – below you’ll find the results from 2021. Responders are fellows and parents who completed their treatment at Yes We Can Youth Clinics 1 to 5 years ago. Want to know more about effectiveness? Have a quick look here.