Yes We Can Youth Clinics at IACAPAP 2020

27 Nov 2020 - news

From 2 – 4 December, Yes We Can Youth Clinics attends the virtual congress of IACAPAP (The International Association for Child and Adolescent Psychiatry and Allied Professions). And you are welcome! Themed ‘Starting from the Beginning – Laying the Foundation for Lifelong Mental Health’, this three-day virtual congress will cover issues that are close to our hearts, as well as trends and topics of interest to the adolescent and child psychiatry community.

Yes We Can Youth Clinics at IACAPAP

With this year's theme in mind, Yes We Can Youth Clinics will give a presentation on Friday the 4th of December at 09.45 AM CET, on how depression and game- and screen addiction can influence a family setting. We believe that by tackling all the issues within an entire system (family setting), we can build a stronger foundation for the youngster to shape a better future and guarantee Lifelong Mental Health.

In this compelling presentation, Senior Family Counsellor Rudi will give insight into the game industry and how a gaming/depressed child can affect a whole family. After that, former cliënt Victor will share his personal story on how he got depressed, developed a gaming addiction, got into treatment and is now helping others suffering from the same issues. At the end there will be a 15 min. live Q&A with Rudi and Victor.
Furthermore, Yes We Can staff will be present at the online platform all three days for a more in-depth one-on-one session.

How to attend IACAPAP

Should you be interested in attending the virtual conference? Please register at the website of IACAPAP. We are happy to welcome you at the virtual congress of IACAPAP 2020.