Yes We Can Youth Clinics at virtual conference Outstanding Schools Middle East

27 Oct 2020 - news

On the 10th of November, Yes We Can Youth Clinics will attend the virtual conference of Outstanding Schools Middle East: a conference on outstanding leadership, education and wellbeing for international- and private schools. And you are invited! It is a chance for educational partners and wellbeing specialists to innovate and discuss how to create healthy, happy and future-ready graduates.

During this conference, Senior Family Counsellor Rudi Voet and ex-gamer Victor will share their expertise in a 60 min. live session, on gaming and depression within the family setting. Attendees will be informed about how Yes We Can Youth Clinics helps young people to become responsible human beings coexisting with technology without being ruled by it. Furthermore, Yes We Can staff will be present and available for a more in-depth one-on-one session. Want to know more? Please visit the website of Outstanding Schools

Do you have any questions or should you be interested in attending the virtual conference? Please send an email with your name and profession to: [email protected].