Yes We Can Youth Clinics royally passes inspection from the Dutch Inspection Healthcare and Youth of the ministry of Public Health

12 Dec 2019 - news

Yes We Can Youth Clinics is proud to announce that they can consider themselves as an institute that provides safe and qualitative good mental healthcare. This was the result of the inspection report, executed by the Dutch Inspection Healthcare and Youth of the ministry of Public Health, Welfare and Sports. Yes We Can Youth Clinics passed it with flying colours. The inspection itself was done with the purpose of judging whether the healthcare which Yes We Can Youth Clinics provides, meets the expectations of safe and fair healthcare regulations, set by the Dutch government.

During the inspection visit, several forms of research have been done. The research consisted of conversations with management/managing board, therapists and executive employees. In addition to that, the inspection committee investigated client files and the committee got insight into quality documents of the clinic.

Three major themes formed the foundation for the inspection visit:

  • Person-oriented care (with a focus on treatment plans, file management, medication safety and waiting periods)
  • Expertise and competence of the healthcare professionals
  • Focus on quality and safety

The result is described in the inspection report as:
“Yes We Can Youth Clinics provides qualitative good and safe mental healthcare. Guidelines, protocols and work-instructions are correct and the staff is able to cope with these as well. Treatments are  structured and purposeful and file management is done carefully. Quality regulations plot a course for the treatment process, and facilities for education and trainings are present. Next to that, medication safety is guaranteed and a clear set-up for complaints is provided. The hiring policy is executed correctly and there is a major focus on reducing waiting periods.”

Daily, about 330 staff members at Yes We Can Youth Clinics are committed to help youngsters in the age of 13 till 25 years-old, who suffer from mental health issues, addictions and behavioral problems. Yes We Can Youth Clinics is always pushing its organisation to offer the best mental healthcare to those who are in need and help them find their way back into society.