Effectiveness & satisfaction

The Yes We Can Clincis Group as a whole believes it is important to monitor our treatment effect. We do this, amongst others, by means of Routine Outcome Measurement (ROM) procedures. People fill out the questionnaires before and after treatment, so we can monitor any improvements made in between. Encrypted data are forwarded to national independent institutions, where results are benchmarked with others in the same industry.

Quelsa Study

In 2021, Dutch research agency Quelsa conducted an extensive study on the long-term success of our treatment. They have spoken with fellows and parents who have undergone treatment with us. Download the PDF with the research results here.


ROM-figures show a positive treatment effect, also in comparison with other healthcare institutes.

Did treatment allowed you to get a better grip on your problems? 73% says Yes

Do you think the treatment approach has been the right match for your complaints? 74% says Yes

Did you reach your goals thanks to the treatment? 73% says Yes

CAMHS Youth Thermometer

Since the end of 2013 we monitor levels of satisfaction amongst fellows and parents. We use the CAMHS Youth Thermometer for young people under the age of 18 and for 18+ we use the short version of the CQC-index. These monitoring instruments have nationwide acclaim. Monitoring takes place at the end of the treatment.

Youth 18- grade us on average with an 8,5 out of 10 (501 participants)

Youth 18+ grade us on average with a 9 out of 10 (269 participants)

Compared to other care institutions in the Netherlands, Yes We Can Youth Clinics is rewarded with higher grades, approximately 1 full point. Compared to other care institutions in the Netherlands, Yes We Can Youth Clinics is recommended more often; approximately 73% versus 27% on a national average.

Do you rate your therapist as competent? 73% says Yes

Do you think treatment is the right approach for your problems? 71% says Yes