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Youth clinic Hilvarenbeek

The specialist treatment clinic of Yes We Can Youth Clinics is located in a beautiful medieval castle in Hilvarenbeek. The grounds and buildings were previously used as a Philips conference centre. The location has extensive sports facilities. Yes We Can Youth Clinics has had, for example, several altitude courses laid out, there is a fitness room and a dojo present, the fellows go mountain biking on their own course and they regularly sit on our obstacle and archery rink. There is also a fishing pond. The head office of Yes We Can Youth Clinics is located in Oirschot. Watch the video below to get an arial overview of the clinic.

Yes We Can Youth Clinics

Yes We Can Youth Clinics is the largest and one of the most effective youth clinics in the Netherlands. Every year we treat more than 750 young people from 13 to 25 years with mental health issues, addictions and behavioural problems. Many of the fellows we treat are completely stranded in other places in the care sector. If all else fails, we are  the turning point in the lives of many youngsters and their parents and carers. We have a distinctive approach:

Atmosphere: at Yes We Can Youth Clinics, unconditional warmth and safety and confrontation at the right time are pivotal. Many young people at our clinic face problems and many employees have had these as well. This creates a lot of recognition between fellows and employees. The group dynamics create the will and the strength for the fellows to really change.

Team: Yes We Can Youth Clinics works with multidisciplinary teams. Care specialists work together with experts by experience and youth coaches. In total, there are over 250 employees working for and with the fellows.

Programme: we have an intensive 24/7 programme of 10 weeks that teenagers and adolescents take part in together with 20 other fellows. They learn to recognize together that they have problems, to ask for help and to tackle their problems. There is also an intensive programme for parents and carers.

The treatment of Yes We Can Youth Clinics is successful for many of the fellows we treat. 70% Of our fellows no longer need specialist care 'after Yes We Can'.

Watch the video below to get a look inside Yes We Can Youth Clinics:

The team

The Yes We Can Youth Clinics team consists of several BIG-registered physicians such as psychiatrists, addiction physicians, psychotherapists and GZ psychologists. Furthermore, the treatment team consists of psychologists, family therapists, experienced counsellors, orthopedagogues, system therapists, nurses and youth coaches to guide the treatment process. A dedicated case manager and therapist are the contact persons for the parents of the fellow

Staying at Yes We Can Youth Clincs

The teenagers and adolescents stay in a well-maintained youth clinic and a good, healthy, mostly organic meal is served three times a day. Every day, the fellows partake in group sessions, psycho-education, working in their workbook, mini-groups and several times a week one-on-one sessions. Sports and outdoor activities are a fixed part of the programme such as: running therapy, mountain biking, fitness and strength training and cooperation assignments.

Watch the video about our treatment below:

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Do you want to know more about Yes We Can Clinics and the registration procedure? Please contact us by phone +31 (0)85 02 01 222 or send an e-mail via our contact form.

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