Piet Jansen, Yes We Can Youth Clinics

"We all need love, warmth, safety and attention. We all want to be seen, heard and acknowledged.”

Piet Jansen accumulated years of work experience in various fields, always pioneering on a global scale. After a fulfilling period, he felt it was time for something completely different and we were very curious to find out why his heart went out to Yes We Can. Piet shares his story.

“I met with Jan Willem Poot (founder Yes We Can Clinics and the Yes We Can Healthcare Group) at the Vondelpark in Amsterdam. My niece was about to go to Yes We Can and I just wanted to learn more about the clinic. It was quite an interesting afternoon I must say. We both shared our life stories and I was really blown away by his. At some point Jan Willem paused, looked me in the eye and said: I have a dream.”

Piet continues. “I can still remember that moment very  vividly. His dream was to help young people from all over the world and mine was to do something meaningful for the international community. As my career always orbited around young people, I really got enthusiastic." August 2015 Piet was entrusted to use his international knowledge and explore if the vision of Yes We Can Clinics would resonate with families outside the Netherlands. And it did.

"I connect well with young people as they are genuine, honest and open. If you let them and you do the same. It was therefore not so difficult for me to transition to the healthcare sector. We all need love, warmth, safety and attention. We all want to be seen, heard and acknowledged And it is exactly this what Yes We Can Youth Clinics provides to thousands of young people and their families, no matter their social background, gender, nationality or religious belief."

Piet doesn't spend his days in the office; he mostly travels the world to explain how and why we can help 13 to 25 year olds with complex mental health issues, addictions and behavioural problems. "With a good, stable home base, I can focus 200% on my endeavours.”

Together with a team of specialists at the international headquarters in Oirschot, he continues to grow Yes We Can Youth Clinics into the world’s undisputable teen & adolescent treatment specialist. In addition to his travels, he therefore also focuses on making sure Yes We Can delivers the highest standards of care possible. "We have seriously evolved over the years and that gives me tremendous satisfaction. Most of the time, I travel, but I am always happy to be back in Oirschot. I am so proud of the team, really a wonderful bunch of people, dedicated, loving, caring and exceptionally good at what they do. For all of us, it is not just a job, but really a way of living."

What Piet loves most about his work? He doesn't have to think twice. 

"To hear fellows talk about their painful experiences in life and then see how they flourished in such a short period of time. To see how they managed to dig themselves out of a dark hole that previously seemed infinitely deep. That is truly why I get up in the morning to give it my all."

Does he believe the dream is being lived? "I certainly do. We already helped many families from more than 50 different countries and this is only the beginning. What makes it so special is that we hardly had to change anything. Ok, the community is a little smaller and English is the spoken language, but the core of our treatment process is still the same. Willingness, respect, openness and honesty are not just some key values we wrote on a white board long time ago and forgot about. No. We live by them 24/7, every day, 365 days a year."

Are you, like Piet, internationally oriented and interested in passionately joining the Yes We Can Youth Clinics family? Then, please get in touch with our recruiter, Isabelle (at +31(0)6 11 29 66 71 or via [email protected]). She will be happy to discuss your options with you.