Review: Jack

"I discovered that I really was an addict and learned about the consequences that this had."

After my parents and I decided I would be going to Yes We Can Youth Clinics, I became very nervous. I began to put it into perspective: I was sure there would be others much worse off than I was. I thought I wouldn’t fit in, because I didn’t feel like I had experienced that much. Once I was on the way to the Clinic, I became even more nervous. What if I ended up in an overactive group filled with people with really difficult problems? After I had arrived, I spoke with a counsellor and two coaches, which was reassuring. They explained a lot and I felt a lot better. Once inside the clinic, I was relieved to find out everyone was very welcoming. I immediately hit it off with everyone and was accepted for who I was. Right from the start, I felt safe enough to share everything and I recognised parts of the stories that others told. It felt good to know others had the same issues as I did. I discovered that I really was an addict and learned about the consequences that this had. I realised how much I had bottled up and hidden.

I found out that I did in fact experience things that were difficult and that I had never been able to process. I was able to deal with all of them during my time at YWCYC. It now feels as if a weight dropped from my shoulders.

I have also learned that honesty is the best way to go, regardless of the situation and how important it is to speak out and share with others. I really know what addiction is and how it changed my life. I also learned a lot from others and have a clear idea about how to continue my life.
I’m very happy I took this chance – it helped me realise a lot of things and it really helped me.

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