I had completely lost control over my life, he literally determined everything."

Every 10 weeks she comes to visit us, and over the years, she has managed to inspire many fellows. Sameena, an ultra-athlete, never fails to captivate everyone with her life story. She had a turbulent youth but discovered a passion for running at a young age which allowed her to turn her life around. Her passion is so strong that she now competes in ultramarathons, including the 246-kilometre Spartathlon in Greece and the 100 kilometres, where she is the Dutch champion. Her mission with the thousands of kilometres she runs every year is to raise as much awareness as possible for the terrible realities of human trafficking (sexual and criminal exploitation).

We wish every fellow the best future as Sameena has created, which is why every week is packed with inspiring life stories from guest speakers, colleagues, and former fellows. We look forward to the coming years, where hopefully Sameena will continue to be an example for many fellows.

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