ADD is characterized primarily by problems with inattention or a deficit of sustained attention, such as procrastination, hesitation, and forgetfulness.

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Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) has a lot of similarities with ADHD. The biggest difference between ADD and ADHD though, is behaviour. People with ADHD are generally busier and more present. People with ADD are quieter, say little and are often occupied with their own thoughts. In both forms it is difficult for the young person to concentrate. 

Effects of ADD

Listening, concentrating and not being distracted can be difficult at times for all children, teenagers and young adults. Children or adolescents with ADD always suffer from this. ADD makes learning at school more difficult than it is for someone without ADD. Teachers often feel that they do not "get through" to someone with ADD. Teenagers and young adults suffering from ADD are often dreamy, have difficulty completing an assignment, withdraw into their own world, are easily distracted and can be completely absorbed in one thing (hyperfocus). This makes it sometimes difficult to make and maintain social contacts. At Yes We Can Youth Clinics, we also regularly see that young people with ADD try to calm their heads by taking self-medication, smoking cannabis or other drug use.

Treatment of ADD

At Yes We Can Youth Clinics we help young people to overcome ADD and to live and function in society in a pleasant way. We do not look at the 'stamps' that young people were given in the past or at the things that young people 'cannot do' or 'do wrong', but rather at their talents and qualities. Yes We Can Clinics aims to reduce any medication that the young people already receive to zero or as little as possible during the treatment.

Care is important because these young people and young adults have an increased risk of depression or problematic substance use. 

Do you need help with a teenager of young adult suffering from ADD?

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Why it works

For young people aged 13-25, Yes We Can Youth Clinics offers 10 weeks intensive residential treatment. During the treatment there is also 4 days of family coaching & counselling for parents/carers. Upon completion, an extensive tailor-made aftercare programme will be devised, in collaboration with our partners all over the world.

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