Borderline is a personality disorders that is characterized by abnormal behavior, manifested in unstable relationships, unstable behavior

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What is borderline?

The mood, thoughts and behaviour of young people with borderline are constantly changing. They are often impulsive, think black and white and react in an extreme way. This does not correspond to young people without borderline. This often makes it difficult for these young people to go to school or work.

No two borderline patients are the same. Some of the symptoms that occur are feelings of abandonment, "black-and-white" thinking, self-harming and a distorted self-image.

Teenagers and young adults with borderline are known to suffer from depressions, substance abuse, eating disorders and anxiety disorders as well.

How we treat borderline

The experienced team of Yes We Can Clinics helps young people to master borderline and to be able to live and function in society in a pleasant way again. Yes We Can Clinics aims to reduce any medication that the teenager or young adult already receives to zero or as little as possible during the treatment.

Need help for borderline in teenagers and young adults?

Yes We Can Youth Clinics can effectively treat teenagers and young adults who are struggling with borderline.
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Why it works

For young people aged 13-25, Yes We Can Youth Clinics offers 10 weeks intensive residential treatment. During the treatment there is also 4 days of family coaching & counselling for parents/carers. Upon completion, an extensive tailor-made aftercare programme will be devised, in collaboration with our partners all over the world.

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