A trauma is a type of damage to the mind that occurs as a result of a distressing event.

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What is a trauma?

A trauma is a type of damage to the mind that occurs as a result of a distressing event. A trauma occurs in children or adolescents after experiencing a traumatic event, such as sexual abuse, abuse, losing a loved one, bullying, violence, an accident or domestic violence. Young people with a trauma relive these events over and over again and try to avoid situations in which the trauma may occur. This is also called post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

Effects of traumas

Young people suffering from a trauma are often no longer able to function normally and therefore have social problems. They regularly have nightmares and sleeping problems, are irritable, have concentration problems, show avoidant and evasive behaviour and have re-experiences. It can also happen that young people with trauma try to numb themselves with drugs, alcohol or excessive gaming. In this way they try to make themselves feel better.

Treatment of a trauma

At Yes We Can Youth Clinics we help youths to overcome or cope with their trauma and to live and function in society in a pleasant way. Yes We Can Clinics strives to reduce any medication that the teenager or young adult already receives to zero or as little as possible during the treatment.

Need help with teenagers and young adults suffering from a trauma?

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Why it works

For young people aged 13-25, Yes We Can Youth Clinics offers 10 weeks intensive residential treatment. During the treatment there is also 4 days of family coaching & counselling for parents/carers. Upon completion, an extensive tailor-made aftercare programme will be devised, in collaboration with our partners all over the world.

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