Drug Addiction of Teens and Young Adults

Yes We Can Youth Clinics provides treatment for every type of drug addiction in teens and young adults, with the exception of heroin addiction. In such cases, we first refer to our partner detox centres before we can start the intake. What started out innocently with just a joint can lead to a serious drug addiction. Over and over again, promises were made that this was the last time he/she used (also to themselves). But they still decide to use again. This has nothing to do with some kind of personal weakness: they are addicted. They may believe that parents or partners fail to treat them the way they should. Often loved ones just want them to get better and improve their lives. You want to help, but you feel powerless. One is addicted to drugs when a person is no longer able to use one or more substances in a recreational way. Drug addiction has a huge impact on young users and their social environment.

Broadly speaking, drugs can be categorised into three different groups:

1. Stimulants such as cocaine, speed and XTC (Ecstasy).
2. Hallucinogens such as cannabis (marijuana, weed or hash) and magic mushrooms.
3. Sedatives such as heroin, GHB and prescription drugs.

Consequences of Drug Addiction

Drug addiction can cause irreparable brain damage. In addition, you risk developing serious heart and brain problems, such as:

  • cardiac arrhythmia
  • cardiac arrest
  • heart attack/infarction
  • heart failure
  • brain haemorrhage
  • cerebral infarction

It makes you aggressive, careless, suspicious and restless. It often leads to insomnia and exhaustion. It is harmful to your lungs, heart and entire cardiovascular system.

Recreational Use or Drug Addiction?

It will often take quite some time before you realise that recreational use has turned into obsessive use. Admitting you are addicted to drugs and that you really want to address this problem truly is an important personal victory. But to move from talking about it to taking action requires a lot more courage. You will need all the help you can get. Yes We Can Youth Clinics truly wants to provide that help.

Our Unique Treatment Approach

The Yes We Can Youth Clinics method is based on the principle of (positive) group dynamics. Our approach is both individualised and systemic. We use a tightly structured programme for fellows and parents to gain insight into their behaviour and its origins. Based on this approach, new tools are developed for helping our clients to get their lives back on track.

Our healthcare professionals and experience experts work on the basis of unconditional acceptance of all those involved. We do not shun confrontation. Problems can be discussed openly and can be shared with us.

Need help for teens and young adults struggling with drug addiction?

Yes We Can Youth Clinics can effectively treat teens & young adults struggling with drug addiction.

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