Cocaine addiction

Cocaine is a substance extracted from the leaves of a coca plant. Cocaine stimulates the central nervous system and suppresses appetite. It is considered a hard drug from a legal point of view. Slang terms used for cocaine include coke, sos, or white.

Cocaine is smoked (basing), injected or snorted. It makes you feel happy and energetic. Unfortunately, you need more and more to get the same effect. Crack is cocaine that has been purified with ammonium. Crack and base-cocaine especially, are very addictive because the kick is very intense and short. Cocaine addiction is often seen in combination with alcohol addiction. Cocaine suppresses the effects of alcohol use. It also enhances sex drive. The day after, you feel exhausted, run down and depressed.

Flash effect

After just 15 to 30 minutes, the effects of cocaine are gone and the user experiences a strong urge to feel that rush again. The high will last for one hour tops. Cocaine addiction will not cause physical dependence, but the psychological dependence of base-coke especially is very powerful. Cocaine can also be injected – dissolved in water. This produces a short but intense flash or rush and there is a considerable risk of overdosing. The psychological addiction is very strong when cocaine is snorted.

Today, cocaine is also used at the office and among high-school or university students, not just at parties. Cocaine addiction is also seen amongst people engaged in high-performance tasks or work. Cocaine is relatively expensive (yuppie drug).

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