XTC Addiction

Ecstasy or XTC is the term commonly used for tablets, pills or powders containing the semisynthetic substance MDMA. These tablets or pills may also contain other substances than MDMA, such as speed for example. MDMA is most often used as a tablet. Tablets containing a combination of MDMA and other substances such as ecstasy, but the euphoric effect is caused by the MDMA.

XTC is mainly used in the form of a pure powder or crystal, leaving users the choice to what extent they would like to combine this substance with other substances such as speed. Users often experience a strong romantic and loving feeling and a strong emotional connection to other users, often leading to romantic or sensual experiences and adventures. MDMA will increase both capacity to perform and sex drive; however, achieving an erection and having an orgasm will often be more difficult. Apart from that, it suppresses hunger, thirst and fatigue. The average MDMA experience will last between 2 and 6 hours.

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