Our promise to parents, carers and adolescents

Leading mental healthcare for adolescents and young adults

Yes We Can Youth Clinics is a distinguished centre committed to the combined physical and emotional security of the young people we treat (we call them "fellows"). We ensure a setting that is both structured and rich in support.

Certification and accreditation

Rest assured, Yes We Can Youth Clinics adheres to the highest standards, is certified by the Dutch Healthcare Inspectorate, and has ISO9001:2008 and HKZ certifications. We are officially accredited by 72 governing bodies, including the Dutch government and other governments in the European Union and the United Kingdom, the NHS, over 400 municipalities, the European Commission, and the largest Healthcare insurers in The Netherlands, European Union, and the USA, such as Blue Cross/Blue Shield, AFSPA, Generali, JSIS, Cigna, CZ, VGZ, Achmea and Menzis.

Please visit this page for more information about insurance agencies and insurance brokers.

A multi-disciplinary approach

Our integrated team of renowned licensed psychiatrists, registered clinical psychologists, fully equipped medical staff, youth coaches and expert-by-experience counsellors, all the best in their field, collaborate to provide effective, comprehensive and compassionate care. We walk alongside our fellows, celebrating their worth and capacity for growth, while guiding them to a healthy and fulfilling future. You can find more information about our team on the "We are Yes We Can" page.

Continuous support

Our youth coaches offer unwavering support, fostering a family-like atmosphere that bolsters the fellows' paths to recovery. Together with our medical team, they are available around the clock, seven days per week. Our fellows see our coaches as their big brother or sister, whom they can turn to for advice, support or motivation. On the other hand, because they spend time with our fellows 24/7, they can provide our multi-disciplinary team with crucial information about the fellows' progress and the atmosphere in the clinic.

Our therapeutic promise

We offer comprehensive therapies tailored to individual needs, from personal therapy sessions to cutting-edge sports programs. We combine evidence-based treatments, such as group therapy, psychiatric consultation, cognitive therapy, psycho-education and family coaching & counselling, with innovative approaches, like machine learning and artificial intelligence, to meet each fellow's unique journey. We have created a special page about our unique approach, where you can find more information about our treatment method.

Our pledge to parents

We understand the gravity of entrusting your child to our care. Yes We Can Youth Clinics pledges to provide a dependable and nurturing environment for our fellows' personal evolution and recovery. We are your partners in nurturing your child’s brighter, healthier future. Visit our effectiveness and satisfaction page for more information about how parents and fellows review their treatment at Yes We Can.

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